Training & Development

WebX Globe has been developing various kind of software since its inception. We have been developing custom software for clients that belong to different verticals. From the very first step of software development process, which is requirement gathering to designing, development, testing and deployment of software, we put effort to work with one intact powerful team. To deliver our clients good quality custom software we make sure to perform quality assurance testing considering the requirements that a client has mentioned. Once, the client is satisfied with the functionality of the software and its deployment, we start maintenance service for the software.

Our offices

We have developed and implemented software solutions for clients spread around the world. The industry verticals for which we have developed custom software solutions are:

  • Oil & Refinery Industry
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

WebX Globe strive to provide answers to every question that our client has in mind. For example, the questions could be regarding following issues:

  • Easy & secure sharing of data among a team in a company,
  • Calculating relevancy of a piece of information with some specific context,
  • Preparation and demonstration of draft in fraction of time,
  • Automating an operation with a single click or any alternative of emailing reports

To understand your concern, we make it a point to understand you, your business and most prominently the problems you are facing.

When a company establishes, its information and data bank is enough that could be managed by software tools present in the market, but as the companies grows volume of data & information increases, exponentially. The team starts juggling with large volume of data stored in software like Excel. To resolve issues similar to these and other we developed software solutions focusing on productivity, ERP systems, CMS and several others.

We understand your business is unique and has requirement different to others. Our requirement gathering team sits with your team to comprehend your needs. This helps us to deliver you custom software solutions that suffix your need.